Classic Car Insurance

Classic car Insurance

If you plan on taking your classic or collectible car out on the road, you will need liability coverage, to meet the minimum requirements. Driving without insurance for these vehicles can result in a fine or license suspension. Standard auto policies usually account for certain factors in an automobile (the car's age, depreciation, and mileage) when determining its worth. However, a classic car that has been restored, or customized, is likely worth more than its depreciated value. Classic car insurance is designed for specific types of classic vehicle you own. Depending on your needs and the usage of your vehicle, classic car insurance might be the perfect protection for you. Classic cars are typically driven for hobby-participation. The vehicle can be completely original, modified, still in good condition, or it is restored. A wide variety of vehicles can be considered true collectibles such as original antiques, modified classics, new exotics, and muscle cars.

The classic car insurance provides similar coverage to that of a regular auto insurance policy. A classic car policy can provide liability coverages, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, and medical coverages (personal injury protection or medical payments coverage). You can also purchase towing and roadside assistance reimbursement coverage. The coverage, provided by classic car insurance under collision and comprehensive, will be based on the agreed value of the vehicle. This amount is an agreement between you, as the owner, and the insurer for the value of the vehicle the policy is written for. This amount usually takes account of industry guidelines and is generally reviewed upon policy renewal.

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