Homeowner's Insurance

Home Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance typically helps cover:

  • Your dwelling: Homeowner’s insurance helps cover the structure of the home, in which you live (the house’s foundation, walls and roof, heating, AC, flooring)
  • Other structures on your property: Homeowner’s insurance helps cover other structures that are on your property, but separate from your home (detached garage, tool shed, fence, etc.), from things such as fires, vandalism, and falling objects. For example, if a tree falls on your detached garage, this coverage can help pay for the damage or cost of repairs.
  • Personal property: Homeowner’s insurance helps cover your belongings such as clothing, furniture, electronics, tools, bikes, musical instruments, etc. For example, if a candle causes a fire and your couch ends up ruined from it, your personal property coverage can help repair or replace it. Limited coverage is available for items like cash, gold, silver, firearms etc. You can always buy extended coverage to protect these valuables. Items that do not fall under personal property are birds, animals, drones, etc. Loss of Use Insurance helps cover your additional living expenses, while your home is unlivable.
  • Liability for injuries or damage to someone else's property: Homeowner’s insurance helps provide for your legal defense when a liability claim is filed against you, in case someone not living with you is injured while on your property, such as a visitor tripping over your broken porch step. Medical payments help pay emergency medical bills for the injured person, regardless of fault.

Factors affecting California Homeowner’s Insurance Rates:

  • Age of the house
  • Rebuilding cost
  • Claim history

Discounts: Bundling auto and home always qualifies you for a discount. You can also lower the premium by installing devices, such as burglar alarms and additional fire alarms.

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