RV Insurance

RV Insurance

California’s RV insurance requirements:

    The legal requirement for RV insurance in California for motorhomes is the same for regular cars, trucks, and vans in terms of liability coverage:
  • $15,000 in bodily injury per person
  • $30,000 in total bodily injury per accident
  • $10,000 in property damage per accident
The only time you do not need liability coverage for an RV is if it cannot move under its own power like trailers or pop ups.

The following coverages are provided by RV insurance:

  • Bodily Injury and property damage liability: Liability coverage can pay for damages you cause to others if you are at fault for an accident. Bodily injury pays for medical bills, whereas property damage pays for damage to someone else’s property. It can also cover legal fees associated with the incident.
  • Collision and Comprehensive: Comprehensive coverage cover costs for repairing or replacing your RV due to events beyond your control (like vandalism, extreme weather, fire, and collisions with wild animals) which caused damage. Collision covers your vehicle from damage that results from accidents, including collisions with other vehicles and objects like trees or road signs.
  • Full time RV Insurance: While buying California RV insurance, it is important to specify whether you plan to live in your RV most or all the time. These are some of the coverages provided for full-time policies:
  • Loss assessment: This coverage may pay for costs to repair the property where your vehicle is parked.
  • Medical payments: Medical payments coverage may pay for medical bills if someone hurts themself in your RV or the surrounding area.
  • Personal liability: Personsal liability coverage may cover you if you’re liable for another party’s injuries or damage while your RV is parked.
However other RV coverages available include Pest damage protection, roof protection, replacement cost personal effects, roadside assistance, pet coverage, total loss replacement and emergency expenses.

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