Landlord Insurance

Landlord Insurance

The following coverages are provided by landlord insurance:

Property Protection:

  • Dwelling: This coverage helps to repair your rented home, condo, or apartment, whenever it is damaged by fire, lightning, wind, hail or other covered losses.
  • Other structures: This part of your policy helps to repair detached structures on your rental property, such as detached garage or fence, if they're damaged by a covered loss.
  • Personal property used to service the rental: Items such as lawnmowers, snowblowers, or other pieces of equipment used for maintaining the rented property, are covered by landlord insurance, if they get damaged.

Liability Protection:

The liability portion of a landlord insurance policy helps pay for another person's medical bills, or your legal expenses, whenever someone else is injured on your rental property, and you are found responsible. For example, if the tenant falls down the stairs at your rental property, you could be held responsible for your tenant's medical bills, legal fees, and other types of costs. Your landlord liability coverage may help pay for those expenses, but up to your policy's limits. You typically do not pay a deductible for a liability claim.

Depending on the geographic area or neighborhood, extra coverages for vandalism, burglary, building code (in case you are repairing or replacing part of your rental after it's been damaged, and as per city code you could be legally required to upgrade items like wiring or ventilation), rental property under construction (in case you are renovating your rental property, this coverage will help protect your property’s structure until it is ready to be occupied.)

Landlord insurance does not cover maintenance and equipment breakdown, tenants’ belongings, and if you rent a room on the same property, you live in. The reason for this is according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, landlord policies are designed for "non-owner-occupied" property.

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